Barre Sculpter

"I really had my reservations about doing Barre Sculpt as I've always felt so clumsy and not the ballet type at all but I've enjoyed it more than any other type of fitness class I've done. I started to feel and notice a difference after only 2 sessions. I would recommend it to anyone."

- Barre Sculpter

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Samantha Vass

"Barre Sculpt is a great addition to my fitness routine. I workout very hard all week and still find Barre Sculpt to be challenging and of huge benefit to my muscles, my form and my fitness. Barre Sculpt is a great workout on its own and very suitable for beginners but also an amazing addition to any other fitness regime. I would highly recommend it to everyone."

- Samantha Vass

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Mike Lemon

"Harriet runs a lively and friendly class - as a regular runner I think Barre Sculpt is ideal for strengthening core and increasing flexibility which I think will complement my training. I am already noticing the difference!"

- Mike Lemon

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Lena Wolf

"I really enjoyed the class on Monday and I am sure it will help me with my flexibility and my posture. I was impressed with the impact some of the exercises had on my muscles. Three weeks into the course and one of my colleagues has already noticed a change in my posture." 

- Lena Wolf

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Karen Kay

Thanks for the class tonight… I definitely found a number of muscles that have been dormant for a while, and have finally found a form of exercise that I truly enjoy - with a great teacher.”

- Karen Kay

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