Stretch Class is a weekly, hour long class that focuses entirely on increasing your flexibility. You will stretch every part of your body from head to toe, releasing tension and increasing suppleness. 



Do I need to do Barre Sculpt to do Stretch Class?
No. Stretch Class will work very well alongside Barre Sculpt and shall certainly complement and enhance a Barre Sculpt term, however Stretch Class can be just as beneficial for someone who does not attend Barre Sculpt.

Do I need to be flexible?
No. Stretch Class shall develop your flexibility whether you are flexible already or very stiff. Classes shall stay the same every week so you can witness for yourself how much you are improving as you stretch a little further each week.

What are the benefits of stretching?
Increasing your flexibility shall enhance all other sport and/or exercise regimes that you undertake. You will be able to reach higher and lunge further for the ball when playing tennis or finally achieve that yoga pose that you've been striving for. Flexibility also massively aids injury prevention. The more supple you are, the more give your muscles, tendons and ligaments have and the less likely they are to pull or tear. On top of this stretching will release any tension that your body has built up and give you the feeling of having an all over body massage.