What is barre sculpt?

Barre Sculpt is a ballet inspired workout for non-dancers. Taking techniques and influence from classical ballet, Barre Sculpt shall tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles without adding bulk. It is a low impact form of exercise so it is gentle on your joints and suitable for all ages. Barre Sculpt will develop your core strength, balance and flexibility whilst helping you to achieve the posture and poise of a dancer.

frequently asked questions

Do I need any dance experience?
No. These classes are for everyone whether you are a professionally trained dancer or have never even set foot inside a fitness or dance class before.

Do I need to be fit, flexible and coordinated?
No. Barre Sculpt is suitable for all levels of fitness and all body shapes and sizes. No flexibility or coordination is required, but these will both be improved upon with Barre Sculpt classes.

Is the class the same every week?
When you start Barre Sculpt it may feel a little like you're being asked to pat your head and rub your tummy. However, each week we do the same exercises so that muscle memory eventually takes over. This way, by a few weeks in you can focus on how you're doing the movements rather than what movements you are doing. The classes do get progressively harder though. In week one we only do around four or five exercises, but each week we add a new exercise, so by week eight there is lots of content and you are moving almost constantly.

Are men welcome?
Absolutely. Barre Sculpt will be of just as much benefit and enjoyment to men.

What should I wear?
Whatever you're comfortable in. Comfortable clothes such as leggings and a T-shirt are recommended with non-slip socks (these can be purchased from any Barre Sculpt class)